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MINEFIELDS.INFO is a mobile application we have developed to alert users to approaching a mine suspected area. We have identified a problem with people living near suspected mines, but also hikers, foresters, GSS, firefighters and anyone else moving near suspected mines. The app sounds and visuals if the user approaches within 50m, as well as a series of additional alerts if it reaches the edge of a mine suspected area. In the event that the user enters the mine suspected area despite the warnings, the application notifies him / her with the possibility of calling the help of the competent service and sends the exact location of the user in the background. There is an option in the application to report an unknown explosive device that is not within the designated mine suspected area. The application offers a short education or a list of explosive objects that can be found in nature, for the purpose of education and safety of citizens. The application has the option to change the country in which the user is located, thus one application secures the whole world.
The app was named the Best Innovation in Global Security in 2019 by GCSP.

CRO 360°

The CRO360 mobile application offers a unique virtual walk experience across a variety of facilities of a wide variety of uses - tourist, hospitality, cultural, sacral. The objects included in the CRO 360 database can be searched for objects by category and current distance from the user. Along with the virtual walk of the property, user information is also published - opening hours, navigation to the property, direct call and additional information about the property that the owner can change on its own. The user can see the object even before it arrives on the spot, so he does not have to waste time if he does not like the object, and can group them as favorites, thus categorizing them for his needs and having them all in one place.

The e-RIP system keeps the memory of our loved ones in an innovative, accessible and decent way. The E-RIP box has a QR code on the metal plate, and with the adhesive tape it can be placed on the monument. The box below the code contains the access information that the buyer logs into In the system, the customer can add up to 8 deceased. With each of the deceased, he can, with basic information, write down his biography, the story of his life, and add pictures and video. When someone scans a QR code from a monument with their mobile device, they will see all the information about the deceased, and have the option to enter it in the book of remembrance. Every comment in the book of remembrance is not publicly visible until it is approved or deleted by the owner of the code, that is, the one with the access box.


The Top Maskice Web Application allows the user to design a personalized cellphone cover, which is then delivered to his address. The user can access the system from any device without having to pre-install the application, which has proven to be very useful as many people are denied the fact that they need to install the application locally in order to place an order. The user can choose the manufacturer, device and color of the mask. It then opens an editor where it can load one or more images from the device. The images he uploads can edit, rotate and zoom in and out, and determine their position on the mask. If the user is using the phone, it allows the app to read double-tap, which denies that the user can swipe their pictures around the screen as if using a native app. It can add text to the user on a cover where he can determine the font type and color. He can also choose a wallpaper from the gallery provided and choose stickers to further decorate the cover.

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